Free your desktop to work smarter not harder. The ergonomic desktop organizer. Fits between your keyboard and monitor
Go-Go-Station - The Dashboard for your Desktop
Go-Go-Station - The Dashboard for your Desktop
Go-Go-Station - The Dashboard for your Desktop

For Improved Interconnectivity and Office Productivity

Improved Responsiveness

  • Responsiveness is one of the key dimensions of providing a quality service; not just for emergencies, but everyday responses to your internal and external customers. Avoid delays in responding to important reminders, texts, alerts, and missed phone calls - with your Smartphones facing you resting on a Go-Go-Station desktop organizer, near a direct line of sight to your computer monitor, even if your phone is set to silent, you are more reliably alerted and can instantly respond. Improving your customers experience - your opportunities - your productivity.

Improved Ease of Engagement with Others

  • Dual Smartphone stations are provided that can accommodate a large range of Smartphone sizes - providing equal prominence for business and personal phones and enabling multi-party hands free audio and face to face video communications.

Improved Control over your Environment

  • Go-Go-Station presents your Smartphone in an optimal position for it to be used control your computer applications via a universal remote touchscreen control (using third party software), complementing your mouse and keyboard, as well as for the control of other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled smart home and office automation devices. Go-Go-Station - enabling you to remain focused, on station - and in control.

Improved Note Taking

  • Go-Go-Station is simply the best desktop sticky notepad holder. Large and small sticky note pads are set in a centralized and prominent location to enable you to efficiently capture and safely retain; information, ideas and phone notes and reliably draw your attention to important messages left by others. The sticky notepads are set securely into Go-Go-Station; minimizing the prospect of the note pads drifting off station and increasing desktop clutter.
  • Go-Go-Station provides an ideal location for custom formatted note pads to capture and present information to your enterprises standard.

A One Stop Shop for the Smart Office Administrator

  • The Go-Go-Station is a functionally integrated and aesthetic design of desktop organizer. A one stop shop for the smart office administrator to establish and maintain an interconnected and productive work environment.

Improve your offices interconnectivity and productivity: get a Go-Go-Station desktop organizer

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Go-Go-Station - The Dashboard for your Desktop
Go-Go-Station - The Dashboard for your Desktop